Pottery hand-crafted in the foothills of the Appalachians

My small studio, set at the edge of the woods, is an inspiring place to work.
My pottery, like my surroundings, is functional and comfortable.
Bring warmth, color and a bit of happiness to the table - with hand thrown pieces from Sledding Hill Pottery. ​

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10 inch red serving bowl

10" red serving bowl

Stoneware nested plates

Stoneware nested plates

Cups for sipping morning coffee

Cups for sipping morning coffee


Bowls in this Speckled series range in diameter from 6" to 10".

Berries in bowl

This not-just-for-berries bowl is glazed in muted blues.


The indigo glaze on this set of plates is food-safe, as are all glazes used in the studio.

Sugar bowl

A series of small covered bowls is in the works. They're a perfect size for loose tea or sugar.

Bowl in grass

Much of my work is inspired by nature, including this bowl.


Mugs, bowls and all the rest wash up well in the dishwasher.